Why Should Every Accountant Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Why Should Every Accountant Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Why Should Every Accountant Hire a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant helps busy accountants balance their business and handle the day-to-day tasks that bog them down. With a virtual assistant, accountants can focus on what they do best: tax planning and preparation. For many accountants, the tax season lasts six months. The remaining months of the year are spent building up the practice. But this is difficult without help. With a virtual assistant handling administrative work, accountants can better serve their clients and find additional opportunities for growth.

Virtual assistants can be classified into two categories: full-time and part-time. The distinction between the two models is based on whether or not they live near their clients. Full-time virtual assistants (FTVAs) live and work near clients and handle all administrative and accounting tasks. Full-time virtual assistants often work for one client, which allows them to develop a relationship with the client and gain knowledge about the client’s business.

Part-time virtual assistants (PTTVAs) work from a distance, either from a home office or from coffee shops. Part-time virtual assistants are often hired to handle specialized tasks. Such as marketing or client database management, rather than administrative tasks. Some accountants choose to hire multiple virtual assistants for variety, while others hire one or two people to help with all the work.

Aside from the Obvious Benefits, There Are Other Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant to Help Out with Accounting Tasks

  • First, working with a virtual assistant can be an effective way to build client relationships. Accountants often find it difficult to get to know their clients well enough while juggling multiple clients, so it is important for them to have tools at their disposal that can help build relationships.
  • Second, accountants should look into the virtual assistants that are available in their area. Many virtual assistants are being hired for short and long-term projects.
  • A virtual assistant has the skills and temperament to handle administrative tasks such as making travel arrangements, handling correspondence, and filing documents.
  • Many virtual assistants specialize in one field, such as accounting or legal support. Some virtual assistants can work long-distance and others prefer to come into client offices. Some people prefer to work with a few trusted virtual assistants while others use a variety of help depending on the project and task at hand.
  • Accountants should first decide what type of work they would like a virtual assistant to do for them.
  • Accountants can then begin to research virtual assistants and see if the traits they value in a virtual assistant are present in their chosen model.

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