Why Health and Wellness Professionals Should Hire Virtual Assistants

Why Health and Wellness Professionals Should Hire Virtual Assistants

There are two reasons why health and wellness professionals should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

First, it is very easy to neglect tasks in the daily grind of private practice. Without a good team around you, this can lead to missed opportunities for marketing, research, and general administrative work. For the well-liked professional who has trouble saying “no” to clients and friends, this can create an unsustainable situation that leaves them drained at the end of the day instead of energized with potential opportunities ahead.

Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so that you can be more productive with your efforts—whether that means doing more research for articles or books or investing in important marketing initiatives for existing or prospective clients.

Second, many professionals are overwhelmed by the number of administrative tasks required to maintain a private practice. Learning how to set up an e-mail system, learning how to send an e-mail and what content to include in each message, learning how to set up patient invoicing systems and online payment portals—these can take time away from patients and clients.

Hiring a virtual assistant helps take care of all the administrative tasks so that you can focus on your professional services.

Not every public health or wellness professional needs a virtual assistant, but those who have trouble saying “no” to an opportunity should seriously consider this option as a way to increase the chances of getting more business. And, as noted above, professionals who can benefit from having more time for research and marketing should also consider this option.

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