What Covid-19 Did to Filipinos

What Covid-19 Did to Filipinos

The Philippines is one of the countries where most entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants. They excel in different fields and some are even experts in their chosen field. How to become a virtual assistant isn’t taught in local colleges nor in universities. It is innate for Filipinos to be very resourceful. 

Why Filipino Virtual Assistants?

  1. Most of these virtual assistants are loyal and tend to stay for the long term. Having someone to work with you and stay long term is a gem. You don’t have to train someone else for the role all over again. Establishing good relationships tend to make them stay for long periods of time.
  2. Despite the fact that they are not native English speakers, they understand the language and communicate well using it. You can record a Loom video for the instructions and they are good to go. It will free up your time and do the things that you love.
  3. They have a strong work ethic. Although they work remotely, you can rely on them to get things done for you. When they work for you, especially if you established a good working relationship with them, they will repay it by working the extra mile for you.
  4. And the list goes on.

Things were doing well with the virtual assistants who have been in this field for years until Covid-19 shook the whole world. When Covid-19 emerged, lockdowns everywhere started to happen. Local companies were laying off workers, leaving professionals jobless. Businesses were shut down leaving business owners to suffer.

For Filipino virtual assistants who have seen the hardships going through this pandemic, they started to think of what they can do to help their fellow Filipinos rise up again. A Google form was passed through social media inviting them for free training sessions.

In a matter of a day, there were about 70 people who filled out the form. That’s how tough the situation was. Professionals were scouring the internet for jobs. They are beginners in the virtual assistant world. Having virtual assistants who have been in this field for years teaching them is a big relief.

A team of virtual assistants for years, professionals, degree holders and business owners is a strong force that can help you with your businesses. They have the experience, the education and the passion to leverage your businesses.

You can hire a single virtual assistant with a collaborative effort as a team and pay only an hourly rate of a single person. Come to think of it.

Something which started with compassion for those who have nothing will have something bigger in return. You can become part of this success. Hire one of us now. Check our website and contact us immediately. Our team is ready to take your business to the next level!

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