Virtual Bookkeeping: How to Find the Best Bookkeeper?


What is Virtual Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping provides accounting and bookkeeping services remotely so business owners can get things at a lower cost than traditional employees.

These bookkeepers use bookkeeping software to provide and share accounting services without seeing each other physically. The means of communication is also through online platforms like :

  • Zoom
  • Smartsheet
  • Slack
  • Google Docs
  • Skype

Bookkeeping services include financial transactions, review, reconcile and update accounts, and perform other accounting functions.

5 Extremely Useful Qualities of When Choosing a Virtual Bookkeeper

Clients should always look for those who have the quality they need to perform the given job or task. The following are some of the top qualities a virtual bookkeeper must possess to do the job perfectly.

Must have qualifications

As a virtual bookkeeper, one must have the technical skills and knowledge to ensure the smooth services offered to the clients. There are those companies that offer training for virtual bookkeeping. There are also companies that already have well-trained bookkeepers ready to hire, for a client’s convenience. It is an advantage if you are certified to have the skills.


In any job or task, being organized is very important to run things smoothly. In bookkeeping, it is vital to arrange everything in order because before you could even start the actual job you need to clean the financial issues of the clients first.

Detail Oriented

Focus on details and paying extra close attention to little things would make us understand what to do in a given task perfectly. In a bookkeeping job, it is really important to understand every detail because it deals with the finances of the clients. Having this trait will save you time and finish your job as early as possible making your clients delighted with the task given to you.


Nowadays, communication through technology is growing so fast, that it makes working remotely possible. Talking and discussing with clients about the given task becomes reachable anytime. A good virtual bookkeeper must be visible to clients on any occasion that the client might be needing his help; accessibility for the issues and concerns will be addressed immediately.


Relationship with the people you are working with is very important to a bookkeeping job. If you can’t connect to the person you are working with it is hard to build trust which is the foundation of working without doubt and hesitations.

The Job Virtual Bookkeepers Do

A virtual bookkeeper‘s responsibility is to maintain the clients’ financial records. This includes the day-to-day financial transactions, review, reconcile, and update accounts and perform other accounting functions. Below are generally the job a virtual bookkeeper do:

  • Record and maintain financial records of the client
  • Process Payments
  • Maintain historical records by filing documents
  • Create and make financial reports
  • Reconcile and update Accounts

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper

Virtual Bookkeeper performs the same job office bookkeeper does. The main task is to process the paperwork of the company’s financial transactions. Yet they differ in terms of benefits. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper will benefit you from the following:

Reduced Operational Cost

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper will decrease your operational budget since you will only pay the work needed. No more benefits such as insurance, taxes, sick and holiday leave, medical and dental benefits, and employee’s compensation.

Reduced Paperwork Error

Doing the bookkeeping and accounting works on your own even if you

are good at it is not a guarantee you can perform it correctly, for it needs a day-to-day recording. A bookkeeping job is not the only thing you need to do; there are those important business matters you need to focus on. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper will spare you from unintentional mistakes you could due to multitasking. Since VA is trained to do the job perfectly, it is an assurance that your bookkeeping and accounting jobs are in the best hands.

Focus on the Main Business

Delegating the other important tasks, especially bookkeeping and accounting work to a VA will give you more time to focus and to think about ideas for your business to make it more progressive.

Where to Find the Best Virtual Bookkeeper?

We now know how important the job of a Virtual Bookkeeper will contribute to your company. Are you now ready to hire one?

There are those who are already well trained to give you the best bookkeeping and accounting services you could ever hope for.

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