Upwork Alternatives

Upwork Alternatives

Upwork Alternatives

Formed through a merger of Elance and oDesk, Upwork is a globally popular platform for freelancers and businesses looking for talents for their projects. It has millions of users in over 100 countries and it rakes in revenues in millions.

Although its basic package is free, some freelancers and small businesses might find Upwork’s paid plans a little too much for their budget. This is a significant reason why some of them choose to go with an alternative. Another possible reason is the fact that most of the projects Upwork offers are on a short-term basis, which won’t work for freelancers looking for more permanent jobs.

Additionally, since Upwork has millions of users, the number of applicants for jobs or projects can be overwhelming for some. This can be a challenge for both freelancers and businesses.

For applicants, the competition can be a little tough, so if you’re new in the scene, it might be difficult for you to be discovered by a potential employer.

For businesses, the challenge lies in the number of applicants that they have to sort through.

For freelancers and businesses looking for an Upwork alternative, there are quite a number of good options. However, deciding on which one is best depends on several factors.

What to Look for in an Upwork Alternative

Open to all industries and freelancer levels

Look for an alternative that accepts freelancers with different levels of expertise and experience. Likewise, your choice should be open to all industries or professions. Upwork accepts many professions, but there are some that are over-represented. Leveling the field will level the chances of all freelancers.

Extensive work offerings

Upwork has millions of users – both freelancers and businesses. As such, there may be times when finding the right job for you might be difficult. An Upwork alternative that has just the right number of users and plenty of job and project options to choose from is the ideal choice.

Safety and security

Make sure that the alternative you choose is safer and more secure than the other options. A good and transparent privacy policy should be available to all the platform’s users. It must also provide you with proof of clients’ reputation, something like employer feedback or review. Likewise, there should be a feature that guarantees dispute resolution between freelancers and businesses.

Affordable fees and pricing packages

Find a freelancer platform that not only offers affordable package fees but also one that allows you to keep and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Upwork gets more or less 20% of their new users’ earnings. Although it’s only for the first $500 that you’ll earn for each of your clients, that’s still quite a significant amount.

The Upwork Alternatives

Here are three options to consider when looking for an Upwork alternative. Keep in mind all the factors mentioned above to make sure that you’ll make the right choice

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent

This free-to-use platform for freelancers and businesses prioritizes efficiency.

Freelancers like you are required to indicate significant details such as experience, skills, hourly rate, languages are spoken, and availability. Hubstaff Talent also requires its users to provide a comprehensive résumé. You can choose to offer additional information about yourself and what you have to offer professionally by writing a short description of these.

Providing all the necessary information is essential if you want your profile to come out prominently in major filtered searches. Profiles may also be searched using relevant keywords.

For businesses, Hubstaff Talent offers a convenient and simple way of finding freelancer profiles that fit their needs. In addition, they can choose to hire a team of freelancers are agencies are allowed to create user profiles on Hubstaff Talent.

Hubstaff Talent offers a free package, but the paid options are very affordable, with $5 per month for one user as the minimum. Additionally, the platform does not charge fees on hourly rates and projects. As such, freelancers get the complete amount of every project they worked hard for.



If you’re looking for an extensive marketplace for freelancers, Fiverr is the best option for you. Users are given the freedom to offer their professional services to businesses according to their chosen rates. The platform also allows users to offer all types of services (as long as they are legal); there are no limitations in terms of industry or job. It is ideal for those who are looking for extra income, as well as for those who are looking for more regular or long-term projects.

On Fiverr, freelancers do not have to do the difficult task of looking for clients. Work will find you. Once you’ve created your “gig”, you just have to wait a little while for orders to come in. You’ll have to learn how to creatively and uniquely sell your gig, though. If you find a client who’s looking for additional features or services, you can easily add some perks or upgrade your offer. This will help bring in more clients to your profile.

Gig Village

Gig Village

Gig Village may be fairly new in the freelancer platform scene, but it is already slowly making a name for itself. This US-based startup is an online venue for businesses and pre-trained virtual assistants and other freelancers. It has an easy sign-up process, fully customizable pricing plans, and a vast library of talents.

Its pre-trained VAs and freelancers are highly skilled and trained in various fields and industries, including general support assistance, content writing, research, social media management, transcription services assistance, accounting assistance, and video editing.

Gig Village is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking for talents, although established enterprises will also find a lot of exceptional freelancers that will benefit their projects.

The best thing about Gig Village, however, is the Hour Block Subscriptions it offers. These are subscriptions that are for one-time use with a specific number of hours for completion. The options range from 10-hour to 500-hour blocks and one to four virtual assistants.

So, which of the three mentioned above is your best choice for an Upwork alternative? Every freelancer or business’ need varies, but the first thing that you have to consider is which of the options offers the best opportunities for you as a freelancer (or a business) without taking away too much from you. Your priority should always be quality over quantity. So, don’t go for an Upwork alternative because it is free, but because it provides you with countless opportunities to advance – in your profession and finances. Your needs will determine the best freelance platform for you.

Explore Talent

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