Types of Virtual Assistants That You Will Be Needing

Types of Virtual Assistants That You Will Be Needing

Types of Virtual Assistants That You Will Be Needing – Giving each of your responsibilities their proper focus leads to more productivity and less confusion which is essential for success. However, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain all that structure when work begins piling up or the days start blending in a haze of meetings and emails. This is where virtual assistants come in handy.

Virtual assistants come in all shapes and forms. They assist you with everything from writing reports to sorting mail. Many different types of virtual assistants can fit these descriptions.

These Are the Types of Virtual Assistant Services and What They Offer

Video/Photo Editors

The first type of virtual assistant is that of video and photo editors. They have specialized skills. They are hired for a specific job. To use their specialties, you simply have them transcribe your tasks or help you edit your video or photos. Videos can be on a simple topic like “how to sew” or “spring cleaning-15 ways”. Or they can be complex like documentaries, tutorials, or animation videos for clients.

Project Managers

The second type of virtual assistant is the project manager. They are organized which makes it easier to keep track of things for you. They can complete tasks from concept to completion. Many companies like this because it cuts down on mistakes and time wasted during the initial stage of a project.


These virtual assistants are often transcribers who have a transcription background. They can take down phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and other messages. You must know exactly what needs to be done. Because the quality of the work can vary greatly depending on the virtual assistant.

General Virtual Assistants

The general virtual assistants are all around. They will do anything that is asked of them and they will do it well. There is no need to explain a task multiple times or ask them to redo something. They are not specialized, but you will never have to worry about administrative work being done wrong by having one. They will handle all the virtual assistant tasks that need doing while you get on with your own business.

Professional Virtual Assistants

This is a virtual assistant who specializes in a specific field and has a proven track record. These are usually more expensive than the other sorts but are well worth the money because of how much you will save on time and mistakes.

IT Virtual Assistants

IT virtual assistants are the most specialized virtual assistants. They are wizards in their chosen field and can do everything that needs to be done technologically. From hardware to software, they will have a certain type of virtual assistant that deals with IT.

Web Design

Web design virtual assistants are responsible for setting up web pages and web applications. They will do a lot of the work for you, but they will also be available to give advice at any time. You can rest knowing that all your pages are set up properly and that they are done perfectly.

Graphic Design

Graphic design virtual assistants are the people who create awesome logos, illustrations, and other graphics for you. They take their work very seriously but they are also a lot of fun to be around. Their talent is your joy.

Administrative Support

The final type of virtual assistant is the one who completes all the administrative work that you need for a business. They handle everything from your emails to your taxes, and they will give you as much or as little help as you need. You can write them out of your taxes or pay them out individually. It’s up to you and how involved you want them to be.

Determine and keep track of all tasks, deadlines, and important meetings for future reference. Include them in a master schedule so they are organized for easy reference.

Virtual assistants in the Philippines frequently offer their services on a per-task basis or on a retainer (per hour). A retainer model allows you to consult with the VA for regular, ongoing advice and services (i.e., an editorial VA might offer to answer questions about business writing, or a social media VA might help you write blog posts). A task-based model is more like hiring a freelancer to edit your latest book—you pay only for a specific task/piece of work once the task is complete.

Gig Village is a site that offers virtual assistant services. The site allows you to choose the type of help you require (such as administrative, writing, design, marketing, etc.) and will then provide you with a list of virtual assistants that are ready and willing to take on your job for you.

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