Tasks for a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Tasks for a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Tasks for a Social Media Virtual Assistant – A social media virtual assistant is someone who can be hired for one-time or ongoing social media marketing services. Specifically, they may manage your company’s social media channels and interact with customers on your behalf on these channels. Apart from those, they run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and other networks. They also generate content for these channels that meets the success criteria determined by the company.

This Post Will Go Over Some of the Tasks That a Social Media Virtual Assistant May Help With

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts

Social media marketing can be very powerful – it’s often free marketing for your company. Many people use Facebook on a daily basis, and many businesses have Facebook Fan Pages. That means it’s the owner of the Fan Page’s job to keep it up to date with company news, future events, product or service upgrades, and so on. If you don’t have the time or inclination to set up these pages yourself, you can hire an assistant to do so for you.

Maintain Your Social Media Accounts

Maintaining a successful online social media presence necessitates constant attention. You must post on a frequent basis, communicate with customers on a regular basis, and overall demonstrate to the world that your business is a genuine online participant. It takes time and effort to do all of this. A social media virtual assistant can assist you with this process by publishing blog posts to your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account, posting quote graphics or images that you created for Instagram or Pinterest, deleting negative comments about your company that has been posted on these accounts, and responding to comments or messages sent to you via these accounts. The list could go on and on.

Handle Customer Questions and Issues

It’s possible that when you engage a Social Media Virtual Assistant to manage your social media accounts, you’ll get messages or questions from consumers. You can delegate these tasks to your assistant so that you don’t have to deal with them yourself. You’ll pick how you’d like your assistant to handle messages or queries on your behalf; for example, you might prefer all messages to go through one channel, such as an email address or a social network messaging app.

Create Content for Social Media Channels

The Internet thrives on new content posted by companies every day. Often, the content you create for your social media pages yourself may not be interesting or engaging enough. You might want to hire a virtual assistant to create Facebook updates that play to the strengths of your brand or that are just compelling enough to get people talking about them online.

Plan and Experiment with Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing campaigns are an art-form of their own – it can be extremely difficult to get them right on your first try, but also incredibly rewarding when they do work. It could be that you want all Facebook posts to be sponsored, for example. Or you can let your virtual assistant run Facebook ad campaigns specifically tailored to your business’s target demographic. You may even decide that you want to use Google AdWords to advertise specific products on one of these channels, based on the questions or comments people are already leaving on Twitter or Facebook. The possibilities are endless.

Run Paid Advertising Campaigns on Facebook

Paid advertising using Facebook ads can be extremely effective. You can pay to target highly specific audiences, for example – you could pay to connect with people aged 55 to 65 who are interested in healthcare companies. The potential for growth is huge. Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant to work on these campaigns alongside your own marketing efforts is a wise investment.

These are just a few of the key tasks that our social media virtual assistants can complete. We pride ourselves on the ability to utilize social media in a unique way in order to succeed online. Gig Village has put together all of the tools, knowledge, and combined experience to provide you with success on Facebook. We have talents that will help you to maximize your potential on Facebook and other social media channels. Visit our page for more information.

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