Serg Rodolf

Amazon Product Sourcing/ Amazon Product Listing/ Store Management

Basic Information

Job Experience

  • Job Description

    Store Manager | Product Sourcing Specialist

  • Company Name

    West End Traders

  • Year Hired


Hourly Rate


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Worker Skill Overview

I’m Serg, an expert amazon virtual assistant. I’ve been working in the Amazon marketplace since 2016 and helped Amazon Sellers in managing their stores. Also, I have experience working with different business models on Amazon from online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, wholesale, private label, and dropshipping.

Here are also a list of my skills and the tools that I used:

1.) Product Research/Sourcing
2.) Product Listing
3.) Inventory Management
4.) Listing Optimization
5.) Order Fulfillment
6.) Store Management
7.) PPC/Sponsored Ads Campaign
8.) Keyword Research

1.) Skype
2.) Zoom
3.) Whatsapp
4.) RingCentral
5.) Viber

Project Management
1.) Trello
2.) Slack

Tools for Work
1.) Google Docs, Sheet, Slide
2.) Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
3.) Junglescout
4.) Helium10
5.) Keepa
6.) AMZscout Pro
7.) ASINspector Pro
8.) RevSeller
9.) AMZ-scraper
10.) VeloCrawler
11.) Tactical Arbitrage
12.) FBA Wizard
13.) BuyBot Pro
14.) FBA Multi-Tool
15.) InventoryLab
16.) Webscraperapp
17.) Informed.co
18.) OAxray
19.) Viral Launch
20.) Zik Analytics
21.) AutoDS

Simple Design
1.) Photoshop
2.) Canva

Hire Serg Rodolf for $7.00 an hour.

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