Recruiting/ Researching

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    Recruiter/Email handling

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    Course Hero

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Worker Skill Overview

I am motivated and hardworking professional with skills and knowledge for accurately meeting strict deadlines, part of this is working on weekends. The 3-day shift each week is a great fit for me since I used to work on weekends.

As a person who loves great opportunities, I believe that working as a remote administrative operations manager would be a great advantage in my career. I plan to take one step at a time to familiarize myself with the business operations. In the long run, once I’ve established myself as an admin operations manager, it would be a great opportunity to have future employees learn from me in terms of the administrative support roles.

My work experiences are mostly recruiting, where I hire customer service representatives. It may not be that related in terms administrative support, but I look forward in building a new relationship between the customers and writers to deliver the best quality service, which I am very familiar with.

Given my background, I can assure that I am an apt candidate for this position with the kind of involvement and knowledge I have acquired. My recruiting experience is an advantage in terms of building a good relationship between my applicants as my customers and hiring managers as my clients. I have always been the middleperson in the business operations to have the best qualified employee for the company. The love to help people and goal to be efficient in the eyes of my stakeholders has been my motivation to work effectively. I may have my setbacks and skills to improve on but if I will be chosen, I will focus on working on my opportunities to expand my knowledge in providing unconditional positive administrative support to my future clients, colleagues or candidates

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