Jun Laurenz

Digital Marketing Specialist/ Social Media Manager

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    Social Media Manager

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    Digital Hashtag

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Worker Skill Overview

I am aware that what I’m lacking compared to others is working experience as a virtual assistant, however, I believe that the qualifications that I bring cannot be measured by traditional experience, after volunteering a full course load job at the admissions office of my university for 1 year, volunteered as a graphic designer/ad specialist/ content writer/campaign manager in various student organizations and businesses, also worked and applied for 3 months as an intern Property Listing Agent and Annotator in Moonwerks Solutions, and being consecutively awarded honors throughout my school years, hence, I have in-depth knowledge with regards on using Microsoft products, Google Suites, editing tools and platforms. I learned how to prioritize responsibilities, and multitask effectively. I am confident to say that, despite my age, I am an all-in-one package deal that renders his services to produce exceptional and promising results, it has always been a passion of mine to be of help to people who I engage with, especially to my loving clients.

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