Product Researcher, Proofreader, Content Writer, Copy Writer, Creative Writer, Policy Developer

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    Social Media Captions, Blogposts, Call to Action, MetaDescriptions, SEO Keyword Research

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    Presence Optimization Company

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Worker Skill Overview

As I endeavor to accomplish more of my passion, I started my freelance work as a virtual assistant and a content writer when the pandemic hit full bloom. I got a job I am passionate about, writing blog contents, keyword research and social media captions, managing SEO posts and meta descriptions, among other tasks on scaling up business presence including basic photo editing skills using Canva. I am also familiar with ClickUp, Google Suite, Trello, MS Office Applications, WordPress, Blogspot and others. I also worked as an Administrative Assistant for a National Government Agency in the Philippines. My primary tasks were to create correspondence, write well-written e-mail content that is free from editorial errors.

One job led to another. I was accepted as an Information Officer in the Policy Division of the National Government Agency I am currently working with, wherein I develop and review various internal and external policies, do research management, provide technical assistance and support to certain projects, and conduct inter-agency activities.

With the above-mentioned experiences, I believe that I have come into contact with the notion of social communication as well as business strategy, and I am capable of producing a well-defined and effective approach to fulfill this position.

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