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    Accounting Supervisor

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    APEX Intec Philippines Co. Ltd., Inc. (AIPCLI)

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Worker Skill Overview

On my first job as an Accounting Clerk in a merchandising company, I record all transactions (sales, receivables, collection, debts, payments, accruals, expenses, inventory adjustments, bank recon items). I prepare monthly schedules of accounts payable and accounts receivables, bank reconciliation and financial. I also make comparative reports on sales, cost of sales and expenses.

As a Disbursing Clerk, I prepare payments to suppliers (collating purchase orders, delivery receipt, receiving report and invoice), release the same and liaise with their coordinators regarding accounts. I transact with bank and make bank reconciliation. I prepare schedule and aging of Accounts Payable.

As an Accounting and Admin. Staff, I do the following — petty cash and other revolving funds custodian; inventory of supplies, tools and fixed assets; supervise canteen operation and its inventory and financial reporting; make local purchases (canvassing, placing orders); maintains the cash disbursement book; prepares consumption monitoring reports; assist in payroll (DTR credits, salary deductions e.g. advances,withholding taxes, loan amortizations, contributions); prepares contribution lists and schedules of remittances and payment to SSS, PHIC, HDMF and BIR (statutory payments); maintains the employee loan ledgers; prepares check payment, dollar draft and bank transfer forms; banking and money changer transactions, liaise with SSS, PHIC, HDMF, BIR and SBMA regarding forms to be submitted, update, requirements, benefits, ID and pass and other concerns by the employees; answers to employees’ queries; maintains and update employee file; file important documents; booking of shipments, monitoring (inbound and outbound) shipments, preparing invoice, packing list and other shipment documents (in the absence of the
IMPEX officer); receives and screens phone calls, emails and visitors (in the absence of the Executive Secretary); and also the Safety Officer of the company.

As an Accounting Staff on a construction company’s project site, I am also the PCF custodian, prepares billing and collects, release payroll to workers and project staffs, evaluate project expenses and purchases documents before forwarding billings/invoices to head office for payment and process reimbursement claims and liquidation of advances.

As an Accounting Supervisor, I prepare financial statements, account schedules, bank reconciliation and comparative reports for Management use. I check payroll and contribution listings for SSS, PHIC and HDMF. I also prepare check payments and bank transfers. I was also a PCF custodian. I prepare remittance forms and payments to BIR. I coordinate with company’s key personnel regarding fund requirements so I prepare the Cash disbursement plan on a daily and weekly basis, daily cash flow, aging of accounts payable and the cash receipt and disbursement summary.

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