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I am an all-around virtual assistant with a decade of experience in both offices based and freelancing.

Former operations manager of three different start-up E-Commerce stores. I can assist in building your E-Commerce stores from zero. From doing product research, store building, order fulfillment, social media management, doing customer service to hiring new members of the team, I will help you and your business become successful.

For real estate, I can also assist you in your CRM management, appointment setting, lead generation, transaction coordination, broker price opinion assistance, documentation and management, social media marketing, and basic graphic designs.

I learn fast, adapt easily to my client’s needs and offer various skillsets to assist my clients in their business needs. I do not need to be micro managed as long as the instruction given is clear and complete.

I have an honest, no BS mindset, prefer to be straight to the point and very professional to my clients.

Hire Hector for $10.00 an hour.

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