Cyrene Cayl

Email Management/ Appointment Setting/ Social Media Management

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    Subject Matter Expert/Senior Processing Excecutive

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Worker Skill Overview

● Staff is responsible for collecting note losses for the company from the third-party/ insured and broker.
● Receives payments from an insured, broker, or TPAs for accounts handled.
● Sends out copies of monthly or quarterly invoices to the insured or broker via email.
● Communicates with an insured, broker, TPAs, adjusters, Regional Service Coordinators, underwriters, and onshore counterparts via email regarding accounts handled.
● The daily task is to identify, review, and reconcile accounts for payments.
● Do research and reconciliation of each accounts being handled and make sure the balances match at the end of a particular accounting period.
● Completes weekly report the hit list file that contains consolidated accounts that are on the watch list and has large outstanding balances.
● Completes monthly reports for the accounts in past due and needed to be monitored regularly.
● Provides monthly reports for Dashboard meetings such as SLA, Quality, Volume reports, AHT, capacity analysis, and back-up systems for the process.
● Guides new hires and trains them with daily tasks and processes.
● Creates assessments and training plan for new hires for the process.
● Revised the Process and Quality Review manuals.

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