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Hi! My Name is Chat, and I’m an Industrial Engineer (IE). I have a total of 9 years of experience as an IE, which includes my work as a VA with IE related work. I specialized documentation such as process improvements, business/operations analysis, managing & implementing Management Systems or Standards that will promote Total Quality and Safety, develop Manuals & Standard Procedures, Policies, Flowcharts, and Forms, I do Customer Service, Lead Generation, Inventory, Planning, Logistics Management, as a VA, and also performed other duties, projects, and assignments as needed. My skills allow me to create for your projects or business.

Also, I bring to the table strong computer proficiency in MS Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio. I am engaged in projects from sketch to completion, and at every stage, I take into account the customer’s comments. It is essential to me that my customer remains delighted with the work done. Creative work with analysis is what I like to do. Therefore, I fulfill all of my projects with love and enthusiasm. I’m flexible with my working hours and am happy to work on your project. I hope to have this opportunity to take up your project/s.

My services:
– Virtual Assistant
– Customer Service Management (email, chat)
– Logistics Management
– Warehouse Management
– Inventory-Planning Management
– Creating PO
– Social Media Management
– Social Media Customer Support
– Process Diagrams
– Researcher/Lead Generation
– Data Entry/Spreadsheets

With a professional experience as a Virtual Assistant, I have utilized to meet an abundance of different kinds of people with solutions base on their requirements, and always looking to exceed prospects to provide positive and excellent results.

Hire Chat for $12.50 an hour.

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