Alliah Jane

Data Entry Skill / Communication Skill / English Language

Basic Information

Job Experience

  • Job Description

    Reseaching for potential clients or creating leads through Instagram, Researching on certain topic, Communicating with the customers, Closing the sales.

  • Company Name

    Lead Generation Specialist

  • Year Hired


Hourly Rate


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Worker Skill Overview

Below are the lists of some of my skills together with my explanations that I think are essential to being the position as Virtual Assistant.

1. English language skills
Having English language skills in writing, oral, listening and visual presentations allow me to interact or communicate effectively with clients about their needs and expectations without any misunderstandings. Also, being able to express ideas clearly and effectively.

2. Interpersonal Communication Skills
This ability of mine is necessary for this job since it allows me and others to comprehend information more accurately and quickly.

3. Data Entry
My data entry skills include maintaining accurate records of valuable information, fast typing with an eye for detail, and familiarity with spreadsheets and online forms.

4. Customer Service Skills
I have the ability to handle clients’ complaints and overcome obstacles in a positive way.

5. Computer Skills
I am knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office, Skype, Zoom, Adobe Photoshop, Google docs/sheets, Canva, and social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

6. Working well under pressure.
I can work well under pressure without taking my stress out on others or becoming overwhelmed.

7. Time Management Skills
I know how to manage time well in order to complete specific projects on schedule.

8. Fast Learner
Having quick learning abilities means I can adapt faster, and you don’t have to spend too much time, effort, and resources in training me.

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