How can a Landing Page Promote your Product?

Landing page

A landing page is a simple one-page site. It can promote your product on one page filled with relevant information to a single product. The page consists of images, videos, contact forms, and sign up buttons. It is built to focus your attention on only one page. You have all the answers that you have in mind on a single page.

Landing Page Benefits

A landing page can promote your product by focusing on a single product to a specific audience. You can create several pages for each product or service that you offer. Your existing website can promote your products or services but a landing page is very effective in promoting your specific product or service at a time.

Another benefit of a page is that it’s a faster way to promote your product or service. You can create a page faster than a website. So, you can expect to gain the presence of your product or service quickly.

Also, a page can help you gain new subscribers for your newsletters through the sign-up button. There are different ways to gather this information. You can add signups for an event or get them to download an eBook.

Lastly, the conversion rate is higher with the landing page. Since you only get to focus on one product or service, you get to entice your audience to do that one thing at a time. It can easily convert them to leads.

Landing Page Examples

You can mirror these great landing page examples to come up with your own custom page.

Shopify’s page is simple and neat. It heavily relies on simple and few words to communicate with the audience. With that, it’s easier to get to the point of the landing page and that is to sell their tool.

Transferwise’s page is designed to guide you with the steps to transfer or receive money in different currencies. It has different tabs on the menu items to help you navigate what else you want to do. The design is very user friendly.

Wistia’s page is direct to the point. You can see both a one-field form and FAQs below it. Your attention will go directly to the form and you can scroll down below it to answer some of your questions. It’s nicely done with greater conversions.

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