Webmaster Tasks:

Every webmaster has their own skills and talents. Here are some common tasks webmasters can fulfill for you.
  • Create and manage websites and apps for businesses, organizations, and individuals.
  • Ensure websites run smoothly so users can access it any time they need to.
  • Keep your security systems up to date, make sure the site loads quickly, and troubleshoot any problems people might be having with it.
  • Manage databases and media files on servers, and can work with you and your team who want to add content to a website.
  • Maintain a website by fixing problems if anything goes wrong in the system.
  • Monitor websites and apps for performance, efficiency, usability, search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rates and security.
  • Analyze data to decide how to improve the website or app.
  • Accept website orders from clients and work with them to make changes so the site is completed as requested.

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Inbox and Calendar Management/ Invoicing and Customer Set Up in Zoho/ Creating Reports and Documentation/ Task Management in Trello/ Admin and Data Entry/ Database Management/ CRM Management/ Marketing/ Social Media Management and Marketing/ Content Creation/ Copywriting/ Email Management/ Lead Generation
IT – Computer Maintenance/ E-Commerce/ Web Design/ Microsoft Office/ Dropshipping/ Product Lister/ Operation System Manager