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An Amazon Virtual Assistant is a person who works remotely either full time, part time, or per project for task carrying out any work related to your Amazon business.  They can also perform tasks that can eat up your precious time or and even help  with activities which you may not have as much skill or experience with.

Virtual Assistants are workers who provide remote service to businesses and entrepreneurs like you.  They are available to assist with a wide range of important tasks to take them off the place of store owners and managers.

Many Amazon sellers use them to take control and manage their online stores.   Businesses that operate their own store independently can take advantage of the benefits of a Virtual Assistant to reinvent and reinvigorate their business.

Virtual assistants are usually contractors which make them a good alternative to hire on as opposed to a permanent employee.  Many businesses benefit from saving on the cost of providing certain benefits.  They are also hired due to the increase of the internet and daily online business operations.

Amazon Virtual Assistants can help with several tasks:

Administrative Tasks

A majority of the work to run an Amazon business online is administrative. A Virtual assistant can perform tasks like order processing and managing FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) orders.

Customer Service

Most businesses leave this aspect up to Amazon itself since it can be very time consuming taking up hours of time.  By doing so however you miss out a big opportunity for serious growth.  An Amazon Virtual Assistant can help with certain tasks to increase your growth potential like:

  • Creating templates to program into your message system
  • Answering queries quickly with accurate information about your product, shipping procedures, and other information customers need to know
  • Responding appropriately both positive and negative reviews
  • Matching reviews to orders and taking necessary action
  • Processing and issuing refunds

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of running an Amazon business.  This activity can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant with the right experience or open to dedicate themselves to the necessary training.

You may be able to hire an assistant that has firsthand knowledge in new ways in finding wholesale products and negotiating with vendors to purchase them.  This is key in increasing your range of product offerings while decreasing costs at the same time.

Market Research

A Virtual Assistant can examine the products your competitors are selling and which are performing best on Amazon’s platform.  By conducting this kind of research you can gain a better idea of how to expand your offerings and business.

A Virtual Assistant can also keep a close watch over your listings. This is useful for detecting if sales of certain items begin to drop, determining if it is worthwhile to lower prices, and seeing how you could update listings to increase sales.


A Virtual Assistant that specializes in copywriting can be a huge asset to create new product descriptions.  They can also optimize your Amazon listing copy to make them more appealing  and help gain greater visibility.

The right assistant should have a good understanding of keyword research.  They should also know how to fit keywords into product descriptions in a way that ensures the copy still sounds natural and makes its searchable.

A Virtual Assistant who also has experience in email marketing is even better as they can write newsletters for customers who want more information about your products and new releases.


It can be advantageous to hire a Virtual Assistant who is fluent in more languages than just English to act  as a translator in order to start selling on an Amazon marketplace for another country.  In addition to translating product descriptions, they could also communicate with International customers.


Pictures are the very first thing any customer notices about a listing.  A Virtual Assistant with a photography background can take more professional photos, use editing software to optimize current photos, and increase the number of pictures for each of your product listings.

Amazon Ad Campaigns

Running ads on Amazon will allow you to reach a wider audience. A Virtual Assistant experienced in creating campaigns could be hugely valuable to you by setting up campaigns using Seller Central tools, entering negative key terms to eliminate unnecessary spending, monitoring analytics to check the performance of your campaigns, and making appropriate adjustments to ads.


An FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Virtual Assistant can do more than just send products to Amazon for shipping. In this role they can also manage inventory, track shipments, download barcodes and shipping labels for units, and confirm no units are missing.

When Is the Right Time to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

You should consider hiring a virtual assistant if your business is large enough to need a professional seller account or if you are using Amazon FBA.

If you’re unsure if hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant is worth it you should take stock of your current business model.

Create a list of all the tasks you complete throughout the week and how long you spend on each.  After that look through this list and see which ones you could outsource.  By adding up all the time you would normally spend on these tasks you can gauge feed up time you can dedicate to more productive business activities.

Where to Find Amazon Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant Agencies

A Virtual Assistant agency typically offers a large number of potential candidates including experienced Amazon FBA assistants. Hiring through an agency is a safe option, guarantees high quality candidates, and you can change workers at any time in instances where you need someone to carry out more complex activities.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants through an Agency

Here are some benefits an agency provides:


Most agencies provide an initial consultation to help place the right assistant, decide and maximize what kind of tasks they can handle, and their work hours and schedule.

At Gig Village we provide a selection of Virtual Assistants options so you can build up your own team to the way you prefer to operate.

Experienced Virtual Assistants

It is important to have the right experience in understanding how a virtual work relationship works and an understanding of the different programs and apps to use for a successful partnership.


Not every business partnership is perfect either in person or virtual.  The relationship may not work out for whatever reason, but instead of having to start from scratch agencies have other experienced Virtual Assistants able to jump in as soon as the next day to work and continue helping you out.


Most agencies offer training to keep their assistants up-to-date with the latest apps and programs for whatever your business needs may be.


You can come up with your own contract with your assistant but an agency will have a contract in place with both the Virtual Assistant and client.  This is to protect the assistant and the agency, but also the client’s information and confidentiality.

Happy VAs 

It is important to have a Virtual Assist that is happy and content in the work they are tasked to perform.  Workers paid well for their experience and enjoy their work are that much more productive and efficient.

Gig Village is a new platform ready to connect you with the right Virtual Assistant to meet the needs of your business.  We ensure quality candidates that are trained to help you navigate the challenging landscape of Amazon’s platforms.  See who and what we have to offer at Gig Village.

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Social Media Marketing/ Graphic Design/ Photo Editing/ Data Entry

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