Research Assistants in digital marketing are responsible for performing a wide range of tasks depending on the location and company they work for. Research assistants are responsible for looking up information, manipulating data, and running tests to improve SEO. Research assistants also have the responsibility of identifying customer needs from market research, by showing different promotional materials to a targeted audience and observing what is most effective.

HR recruitment operations Project management High-level recruitment Customer service Process improvement Training and development Expert in Integration and Automation Monday.com SEO writing
Inbox and Calendar Management/ Invoicing and Customer Set Up in Zoho/ Creating Reports and Documentation/ Task Management in Trello/ Admin and Data Entry/ Database Management/ CRM Management/ Marketing/ Social Media Management and Marketing/ Content Creation/ Copywriting/ Email Management/ Lead Generation
Email Scheduling | WordPress Article Posting | Data Entry | Data Mining | Web/Internet Research | Lead Generation | LinkedIn Prospecting


Product Researcher, Proofreader, Content Writer, Copy Writer, Creative Writer, Policy Developer