5 Essential Skills to Look For In a Virtual Assistant


Businesses are currently transforming the way they operate in these times of increased teleworking and social distancing.  It’s not so safe to be inside an office all day any more, so companies are on the move to hire contributors to work remotely to aid them in certain roles.

Choosing the right Virtual Assistant requires finding individuals that possess extraordinary skills to be productive in the role they play.  They also need to bring added value to the business by not only having a specific skill set for a role, but also vital basic skills in order to be successful.

Any hiring manager looking for a specialized Virtual Assistant needs to look for this minimum set of skills before determining if an individual can excel in a certain role appropriately.

Here are the Top 5 essential skills every hiring body needs to look for when hiring a new Virtual Assistant.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is a key factor in business and everyday life.  People learn to improve themselves through oral and written exchanges of thoughts and ideas.  It is necessary for any relationship, but even more significant as a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants communicate primarily through the internet via email or chat, strong oral communication skills are vital to foster a good working relationship between the client and assistant.  Without this ability, a Virtual Assistant might not be able to meet the expectations that a role requires.

Technical and Computer Skills

Virtual Assistants are independent professionals that work remotely out of the office and online.  They need to possess basic technical skills using the latest versions of office tools like Microsoft Excel and Word, working knowledge of cloud-based sharing of information and data, and any advanced technical skills for an added edge.

Some important computer skills include:

  • Microsoft Office – This office suite includes Word, Outlooks, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Spreadsheets – Excel is the most widely used, but there are other tools for organizing and maintaining data and information.
  • Communication Tools – This includes messaging apps like Slack and project management platforms to communicate and exchange documents and information.
  • File-Sharing – Tools – like Dropbox are important in delivering video media and design content.
  • Accounting Software – Quickbooks and similar tools are good to keep track of budgets and expenses.
  • Social Media – Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are vital for marketing purposes

The more knowledge of online tools and apps, the more valuable a Virtual Assistant is to a business.


Being reliable is one of the most important skills to look for when choosing a Virtual Assistant. Building trust between an assistant and client is key when working to achieve a goal and meeting work expectations.essential-skills-virtual-assistant-man

A Virtual Assistant is there to help your business grow and be more productive.  Failure to accomplish certain tasks in an allotted time frame would be an impediment to the success of a business, so it’s vital to find a Virtual Assistant that is truly reliable.


While Virtual Assistants are hired for a specific role, there are times where clients may need added help with a matter that may not necessarily be what they were initially hired for but still tied to their work.

While some may frown on this, it is good to find an assistant that is resourceful and willing to “think outside the box” to solve an issue.  Finding someone that is a good problem solver that can use research and critical thinking skills is key to success.


Creating a working relationship with strong trust and confidence is important in a world where there is less in-person interaction.

A hiring manager needs to choose workers that are compatible and also adaptable to their company culture and style of doing business.

Having a good work ethic and personality that meshes well with others is needed to meet the goals of a business to make it more progressive, productive, and profitable.

As the world changes, so do the way you do business, and finding a Virtual Assistant that meets these basic criteria is important no matter what type of business you have.

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